Reference paper:

Enabling data sharing for social benefit through data trusts

An Interim Report for the 2021 GPAI Paris Summit




A new community experience
A variety of interactive tools that allow you to meet and get to know people with common interests seamlessly

Endless social activities
Experience a rich, fun and intuitive online social life with a variety of exciting and fun social games

Integrated community management tools
Integrating practical community management tools and (optional) DAO tools to make your community management more convenient and democratic

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Increase Community Cohesiveness

We offer an integration of social tools and innovative 3D social spaces

that enhance cohesiveness, convenience, and enjoyment for members of your communitys

DAO / Share your love

Provide optional DAO smart contract tools and different forms of profitability.

Enables each community member to experience being a core participant in the community


Meet interesting communities and create partnerships

We are looking for partners and advisors
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